Engagement photos can be the traditional posed variety or follow some of the new trends that capture the spontaneity and personality of the couple. In either case, engagement photo sessions can serve several purposes.

Some couples opt for engagement photos to capture the sheer happiness they are feeling about their decision to embark on a new life together. Others want to share their news and happiness with their community by publishing their photo in the announcement section of their local paper or using the photos taken to set up a website.

In my personal opinion, the most practical reason to have an engagement photo-shoot is that it provides a great opportunity to test–drive your wedding photographer. It is also a chance for your photographer to get to know you better and to understand what your preferences are as a couple.

Here are some engagement photo-shoot tips to keep in mind: 

  • Plan and have a discussion – before you any photographer a call you need to have a heart to heart with your significant other about what kinds of photos you would like to take. Your partner should be comfortable about what kinds of photos you will be taking. Make a joint decision on whether the photo-shoot will be candid, formal or casual.
  • Incorporate shared interests – Think about the different things you enjoy and love to do together. Whether it’s hiking, playing basketball, going to the movies. Whatever it is you love doing in each other’s company.
  • Decide on a location – Consider having your photos taken in our favourite locations, perhaps the first place you met.
  • Be in the moment with your partner – forget that the camera is even there. Just have fun and be yourself. I assure you from my experience, the second you stop worrying about the camera, your photos are going to immediately start look more natural and relaxed.
  • Adhere to guidelines: If you want to submit a formal engagement announcement with a photo to your local paper, make sure you check your paper’s guidelines for specific pose or print quality requirements. Those are often listed on the newspapers website. If you are setting up a website for your engagement or wedding, double check with your web designer on the dimensions and size of the images they will need.

For more information on engagement photo-shoots please contact me at info@cindyjune.com