If you’re old enough to read this, then you’ve probably had to deal with many instances in your life where you’re forced to stand in front of a camera, say cheese, and wait for the flash to go off. Selfies aside, there are many formal occasions where posing awkwardly next to a schoolmate or family member while a camera goes off is just a part of life. If you’re about to face one of those moments again with an upcoming maternity, family, or engagement shoot, read these three common misconceptions about photoshoots that need to be corrected:

#1: You Don’t Have to Smile

Yes, smiling in a photoshoot is customary, but if you’ve ever seen an old photograph, you won’t find too many smiling subjects. Smiles brighten up your face and make you appear friendly and happy, which is great. But not everyone feels like smiling, and the presence of a grin doesn’t always reflect the emotions within. And trust us, if your smile is disingenuous, the camera will pick that up too. And while we’re on the subject of smiling, forcing someone to show their teeth or open their mouth wider while they’re already trying to hold a pose is going to appear completely unnatural and strange, not to mention make the subject think their natural smile isn’t good enough.

#2: You Don’t Have to Wear Matching Outfits

Again, wearing something formal for a photoshoot is always a nice thing to do. But there are no rules that state that wearing anything less than a prom gown is going to make your photo turn out bad. Just remember that you’re not as good a liar as you think you are, and any discomfort you feel will likely show up on your face. That means that if you feel more at ease wearing jeans, a cotton t-shirt, and Converse shoes, your photo will be a lot more pleasing than if you were to wear a suit or tight-fitting dress while trying to suck in your stomach and suppress a groan of pain.

#3: Keep Your Glasses On

Yes, sometimes glare from the camera can show up on your glasses. If that happens, there are two things to remember: a) it’s not that big of a deal, and b) no one will probably notice. However, glasses aren’t always a glare magnet, so rather than spend all your time worrying that the camera won’t pick up on the eyes behind your frames, why not just be yourself, take a deep breath, and trust in the photographer to let you know if the angle of your glasses is catching glare.

The less stress you put on yourself to look perfect in your photoshoot, the more you’ll feel comfortable being yourself, which can produce the most exquisite portraits.

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