Nothing is more exciting than welcoming new life into the world. Having a professional photoshoot with your newborn is a great way to document their first precious moments. Your baby will grow up before you know it, so it’s important to take the opportunity to capture this special time. Here are some ways that you can prepare for a professional photoshoot with your newborn.

Keep Your Baby Comfortable

Babies, and especially newborns, can become agitated easily. They are still adjusting to the world and learning about their surroundings, so some crying and tantrums are to be expected. If your baby is as content and relaxed as possible during the shoot, their beauty will be able to shine through each photograph. Keep your baby calm and comfortable by following these steps:

  • Schedule your photoshoot at a convenient time for the baby—your newborn may become angry if their picture is being taken during nap time or during a feeding.
  • Dress your baby in comfortable clothes.
  • Have the photoshoot take place in an environment where the baby feels comfortable, such as its crib or bassinette. Newborn babies can become startled in new environments, so it’s best to stage the photoshoot in a familiar environment.

Talk to Your Photographer

The best way to prepare for your newborn photography session is to talk to your photographer. It’s important to share your input so that you can get the most personalized photos possible.  A professional photographer will work with you to design a photo series that best reflects the personality of your baby.

Capturing the beauty of a newborn baby is a once in a lifetime opportunity. For high-quality and personalized photography that truly represents your newborn baby, contact me. I have years of professional photography experience, so I can help your baby feel comfortable and relaxed so you can create memories to last a lifetime.