Engagement photos should capture the excitement, the gleam in your eyes and the love you and your significant other have for each other. This time marks a pivotal point in your relationship, so why not celebrate with a gorgeous photo shoot? Here are three key tips to ensure that you get the perfect set of photos.

Use a natural setting

Engagement photography centers its focus on the subjects at hand. It should be all about the two of you. Choose a natural setting to take your photos to ensure relaxed poses and high spirits. The outdoors, a well-lit studio, and a family cottage – these are all examples of places you could shoot in.

Include symbolism

Including symbolism to your images is a great way to shoot timeless photos. Is there something your significant other does to make you laugh? Capture that. Is there a favourite spot in the city where you met or shared a sentimental moment together? Go there together! Maybe there’s a gift or keepsake given early on in the relationship that you could include in the images. Have your photos tell your story beyond what the viewer can see!

Enjoy yourselves

Engagement photoshoots are about having fun – and you don’t want to take a set of photos to keep for the rest of your life and not have an ounce of fun in the process! Let loose, don’t be afraid to suggest ideas to your photographer and make sure they get a sense of what you want from the start. It will make the photo shoot all the more fun and enjoyable when you, your partner and your photographer are all on the same page.

This is the perfect season for engagement photos. With the brightly lit skies, gorgeous weather and a natural glow from the two of you, your photo shoot is bound to be a success. Take the time to browse through the engagement portfolio to get a sense of what Cindy June Photography is all about. Note down what you like and contact us to get started.