The holidays are moments we cherish for the rest of our lives. That’s especially true if our significant others pop the question. If Santa brought you a fiancé this Christmas, congratulations! By now, you’re probably starting to plan the months ahead. From bridal gowns to venues to canapés, we hope you’re prepared for the busiest and most exciting time of your life. Are you interested in having an engagement shoot? If so, we suggest booking your session early in your engagement. Here are some advantages of scheduling your engagement photoshoot early.

Take Advantage of the Winter Wonderland

Winter has a bad reputation for being ugly, muddy, and cold. While we can’t do anything about the temperature, we think that winter’s bad rep is slowly starting to change. More and more people are scheduling their nuptials and other important photoshoots in the cold, snowy months because we’ve finally realized just how darn pretty it can be. After all, we spend practically half our lives in the winter. It’s about time we learn to embrace it and realize its potential.

A winter scene can be a beautiful backdrop to your engagement shoot. And since you got engaged over the holidays, recreating the moment he or she popped the question will be much easier. Picture a country lane lined with snow-topped evergreens and freshly fallen snow all around you while you and your future spouse are bundled together under one blanket. Winter forces us to stay close together, seek out each other’s warmth, and snuggle. What’s not romantic about that?

Check it Off Your To-Do List

As the Big Day draws close, you may find yourself becoming a little…shall we say…stressed. Some of you will turn into major stress cases, while others will enlist the help of professional planners or family members to help ease the burden. No matter what, those pre-wedding days are going to be filled with decision-making, planning, driving around from vendor to vendor, and trying not to stress eat so you can fit into your dress. The last thing you have time for is an engagement shoot. We suggest getting this photo shoot out of the way before the major planning begins, so that you can enjoy the experience and check this off your list early.

Keep the Romance Going

If you just got engaged, chances are you’re still in high and happy spirits. Keep that momentum going with a photoshoot that will better celebrate your engagement and all the excited feels that go with it. Booking an engagement shoot soon after the proposal will commemorate the beginning of your prenuptials. Remember all that stress we talked about? You’ll seem more relaxed and happy at the start of the engagement than at the end when the wedding is in sight and you can’t stop thinking about all the things that still need to be done.

Ready for Your Romantic Winter Shoot?

If he or she has recently popped the question and you want to honour your beautiful engagement, contact Cindy June today. She’ll help you recreate the proposal or first date, or find a romantic spot for that perfect pose.