Despite all your rigorous planning, many things could go wrong during a wedding ceremony. The flowers could be less than perfect or the food may not be as good as was anticipated. Those memories will eventually fade with time, but the photo album will remain the only tangible memory.

The choice of hiring a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will be making while preparing for your upcoming nuptials. Unfortunately brides continue to make the mistake of judging by cost alone, either by expecting to pay supermarket photo finishing prices, or assuming the most expensive is the best.

Apart from questions of skill and quality equipment, the personality of the photographer can make or break your wedding, because the individual you choose is with you the entire day. You want your photographer to be fast, but taking particular care that you look your best. You want your photographer to be able to capture the right moments every step of the way. Most importantly you want a photographer who is genuinely helpful.

Start looking for a photographer early, at least six months before the ceremony. Search for a photographer who provides lots of options and an easy to understand pricing structure. When you think a photographer matches your requirements, discuss price and service concerns openly and clearly, expecting every question to be answered completely. Be prepared to sign a contract and put down your credit card or a cash deposit.

My philosophy of wedding photography centers on my client’s needs and their individual style. I always encourage clients to ask me as much questions as they can, I encourage them to look at my wedding photography portfolios.  I always tell my clients that I make it a personal mission to capture the moment and make sure they will be happy with the final results.

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