Easter is the perfect time to take advantage of the bright and vibrant colors of spring while you spend some quality time with your family. You have a variety of places to go, including your grandparents’ house, a petting zoo, and a playground. All of these provide spontaneous shots celebrating the occasion and being together.

Here are some snap-worthy times to capture:

Family Portrait

It’s on occasions such as these that your family are wearing their pastel Sunday best, so make sure the bows are straight, the boys are wearing their suits, and someone is holding the dog before chaos ensues!


Benefit from the nicely decorated dining room with its Easter-themed cookware as your family digs into Grandma’s delicious cooking. With your timing, you can catch the kids sneaking little tastes to the dog and Grandpa taking seconds with too much salt for his cholesterol.

Painting Easter Eggs

This traditional Easter activity changes every year with new ideas for egg décor. If you’re quiet enough, you can capture the artists in contemplation over their next masterpiece as they exhibit their creative flair with new off-the-wall techniques.

On the Hunt

Document the excitement of the Easter egg hunt in and outside of the house to remember the anticipation and discovery of those sweet treats and the possible stuffed animal. These photos can also be of practical use for the next year you plan the hunt. You’ll be able to hide items in new places and imaginative places!

Hopping About

No Easter montage would be complete without a photo of the Easter Bunny, whether it’s your Dad dressed in a onesie or your pet rabbit napping under the table. Many malls have farm animals, like bunnies, chicks, and lambs, for families to meet. This is a great photo opportunity as your kids encounter the shy and cuddly creatures.

You can get your pets in on the action by fitting them with a set of rabbit ears or by giving them a new Easter-themed toy. You can capture their excitement

Go Outside

The new life outside is the ideal backdrop for your Easter photos. Whether your family is in Grandma’s garden with her beautiful flowers, at a Farmer’s Market, or at a picnic in your park down the street, the contrasting flowers and greenery will make your photos pop, especially after a rainfall. You’ll capture unique times with activities, like kite-flying, in anew area to explore.

Cindy June can help you immortalize your family’s fun and spontaneous moments of pure joy by weaving them into a narrative for generations to share. She covers several areas in the Ontario region, so contact Cindy June for your next family occasion.