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There’s no question that a wedding is one of the biggest and most special events in one’s life. A lot of thorough planning, not to mention potential headaches, present themselves when dealing with wedding preparations, and the last thing you want to worry about on that hectic day is the photography —and yet, it is so important. Without it, the dresses, flowers, and reception decorations you spent all year carefully selecting won’t be documented. Cindy June ensures the memories you create at the start of your marriage journey are cherished for years to come.

Professional wedding photography is truly and art, both in the technique used to capture people in a wide range of activities (some formal, and others more informal) and in the personable way a photographer needs to interact with the guests.

Tyler & Krista

Robert & Jasmine

Reid & Brianna

Mark & Desirae

Kevin & Deb

Jeremy & Samantha

Greg & Keely

Grant & Mackenzie

Eric & Page

Diarmuid & Patricia

Katelyn & Nic

Dawwna & Brandon

Mackenzie & Rick

Rachael & Zac

Dianna & Kyle

Larissa & Kass

Adam & Michaela

Graham & Amanda

Jessondra & Micah

Luke & Tiffany

Ryan & Christine

Taylor & Stacey

To be truly successful in capturing a bride and groom’s special day, a photographer needs to have both technical and people skills. That’s where Cindy June comes in. She knows how to get the best shots while managing the flow of guests and other professionals around her. With her wide range of talents, you won’t have to worry about looking your best and capturing the true spirit of your wedding.

Cindy June is here to help ensure that your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible and that you have great pictures to go along with. Whether your wedding is small or large, formal or informal, professional photos will ensure that your memories of that magical day will last forever.

For professional wedding photography in Chatham that you can rely on, contact Cindy June today. Begin your marriage knowing that the photography of your special day is in good hands.

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