A wedding provides a flurry of activity and treasured moments that you will fondly look back on for years to come. 

Wedding photographers are just one element of the action, there to commemorate the silly and extravagant moments of both your engagement and your wedding. But doing it well involves much more effort and expertise than some might think.

Wedding preparations consist of thousands of decisions to make your special day personal and memorable, from the wedding party to the venue to the attire to the wedding photography album. 

The choices you make can make or break the wedding budget, so if you’re wondering “What do wedding photography packages include?” Cindy June Photography has the answers!

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Wedding Photography Package Features

Whether you’re located in London, England, or London, Ontario, wedding photographers offer different packages to accommodate clients’ unique desires. Those often have similar features, including an engagement shoot and pre-wedding photo-ops.

Here is the breakdown of common features you will typically find in wedding photography packages:

  • Time: A photographer usually has packages that come with a fixed number of hours, for example, a package may focus on the entire wedding day and any time outside of that will be charged as extra.
  • Travel: From Windsor wedding photographers to Chatham-Kent photographers, they will have different ways of charging for travel time. Some may include the travel price in their wedding packages and charge extra if there is travel between venues; others can charge per kilometer if they need to drive to your wedding. 
  • Engagement Shoot: If this is included in the package, it allows you and your partner to get to know the photographer better while becoming more relaxed in front of the camera. The engagement photoshoot is sometimes an extra feature with its own cost.
  • Pre-Wedding Photography Shoot: A year or even six months before the day of your wedding, you and your partner can have some staged shots taken of you in your wedding attire. This allows for a stress-free atmosphere where you can have stunning photos taken at locations that are special to you.
  • Editing: With so many photos to choose from, the photographer will spend many hours editing and touching up the best ones.
  • Images: You will be presented with the edited images. Read your photography package carefully because it may offer the images in an online gallery rather than a USB key. With an online gallery, photos can be shared with family and friends through links and emails. Speak with your photographer ahead of time if you want physical prints or digital copies on portable storage, such as DVDs.
  • Album: Bear in mind that not every photographer will include the album in the package; some offer it as a separate product. In any case, the album may be presented to you as a physical product or through an online gallery.


Package pricing varies with each photographer because it depends on the number of hours of coverage, the number of photographers needed, the number of prints you want, and much more. Cindy June can answer all of your questions, so you can decide if her services are what you need.

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Hire the Right Wedding Photographer

Yes, it’s true: a professional wedding photographer that provides you with exceptional photos can be an expensive item on the budget. At the same time, you need to judge their value to ensure that they’re not overcharging for mediocre results. 

That’s why you need to interview photographers and review their work. You need to assess whether or not you can work with them to create a stunning wedding album, and whether or not having those memories captured in a professional way is worth the cost.

When should you consider hiring a photographer? We recommend that it should be among your top five vendors to look into as soon as you book the wedding venue.

Cindy June Has the Experience You Want

Cindy June is a tech-savvy social butterfly. She is able to coordinate the family, even kids and pets, to capture perfect moments. 

She can also work wonders in the editing phase. During engagement shoots and your wedding day, Cindy will help you to relax in front of the camera, so your personality will show through and make those moments even more special on what can sometimes be a stressful day.

To learn more about Cindy June’s photography package options, give her a call today!