Winter is one of the most picturesque seasons.  Many iconic Canadian works of art are heavy with the symbolism of a Canadian winter.  It is not always a dark and gloomy time of year! Some of the most beautiful moment in life can happen in the bright, white snow or a peaceful, slow snowfall.  Bring out the magic of winter – bundle up and do not be afraid to embrace wintry beauty!

Light Magic

White surfaces reflect light better than any other colour of surface.  Wide, white sheets and umbrellas lined with white are used in indoor photography studios to get that perfect wash of light and clarity in their photographs.  In the outdoors of the wintertime, with wide sheets of clean snow as far as the eye can see, you can get more bright, sparkling, magical photos than you could during any other time of year.


From the hardest, most crystalline icicle decorating your roof to the fresh fuzz of a flurry on the bark of a tree, the background of your photo can be as diverse, wondrous, and multifaceted as nature can design.  Through the dappled shade of the needles of an evergreen tree or the cotton smoothness of a fresh snowfall, you can have whichever backdrop you please in the outdoors on a winter’s day.


If you are lucky enough to be out as the snow is falling, you can get some amazing, dynamic shots of almost anything framed by the falling snow.  Even the hardest edges can be softened behind a gentle, fluffy falling of snow.  If you are feeling playful, tossing up and throwing snow that has already fallen can give your photos great shape and effortless movement.

Don’t be afraid of winter this year.  Embrace its beauty and have some photos that preserve the fleeting and temporary beauty that is the colder time of year.