While you get to keep the dress, the invitations, and even a bit of the cake, the one thing you can take away from your wedding day that will truly help you relive those magical moments is your photo album. As your memory of the special day will fade, your photographs will not. That’s why wedding photography is so important to get right. If you’re getting married soon, here are five photography mistakes to avoid in order to capture the finest moments on your big day.

#1: Not Scheduling Enough Time for the Photoshoot

When making your schedule, please please don’t forget to give yourselves enough time to get a proper photoshoot. After you say your I Dos, you and your future spouse will finally feel free to enjoy yourselves, let loose, and relax. That’s the perfect moment to schedule your photo session against the backdrop of your choosing. If you’re already at an outdoor venue, scout out the best spots on the property beforehand so you don’t waste time. If you have to drive to the location, be sure to include the travel time and to account for traffic. Schedule at least an hour of solid shooting time.

#2: Not Listening to Professional Advice

One of the reasons you hired a professional photographer and not a family member with a DSLR is that you want quality photos from someone with a real eye and attention to detail (not to mention technical skills). So, if that photographer tries to give you gentle advice, take it. Yes, it’s your day. But try to remember that you hired them for a reason, and therefore should know better than anyone else there what works and what doesn’t. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel free to let your personality show. But if the photographer suggests you move out of direct sunlight because there’s a giant shadow covering your entire face, you’ll be happy you listened.

#3: Rushing the Photography

The urge to get back to your guests and join the party may overcome you, but try to resist rushing the photoshoot. This is when the magic happens. There have been many times in wedding history when the bride and groom, eager to start celebrating, cut their photography session short only to be disappointed that their photo album doesn’t include enough posed shots. If you want a variety of formal, artistic, and candid shots for your wedding, don’t rush it!

#4: Not Having a Plan B

Outdoor weddings produce some of the most breathtaking photographs anyone could ever hope for. That’s why it’s so devastating when the rain comes to ruin the perfect opportunity. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding shoot, be sure to have a backup plan. There’s nothing wrong with a little rain. In fact, it can be quite romantic. However, if you want to go ahead with the outdoor shoot, be sure to bring an umbrella and prepare to get muddy. Don’t give up if the weather suddenly changes for the worst. Adapt and accept, and you’ll be surprised by what can turn out.

#5: Hiring Your Cousin

Take our advice: while you may be saving money by asking a friend or relative to take your photos, you will spend many years regretting having nothing to show for your wedding but a stack of blown-out, blurry, and unflattering photographs. It takes more than a fancy camera to take a good photograph. If you’re worried about hurting Uncle Gary’s feelings, feel free to ask him to take photos, but don’t rely on him for the important shots. Photography is art form, but also a learned profession. You will immediately recognize the difference between an expert and a weekend warrior.

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