It may be cold outside, but inside the Cindy June Photography studio, it’s as warm as can be. This time of year, Cindy June loves to focus on indoor moments that can be beautifully captured with just a few props. Are you interested in learning more about indoor photo sessions? Check out Cindy June’s portfolios for Maternity & Babies and Family & Kids. Here’s a brief snapshot of what we’ve been up to so far in 2018.

New Year, New Baby
There’s nothing more exciting than ringing in the new year with a new member of the family. Cindy June has had the pleasure to shoot some of Chatham-Kent’s most adorable newborns. What makes newborn shoots so precious is the ability to capture a moment in time that flies by so quickly. We’ve incorporated some beautiful and rustic prop pieces to showcase the tininess, beauty, and (most of all) cuteness of our clients’ babies. As you can see from our Facebook page, all our sleepy subjects enjoy a good, relaxing snooze as we place them gently on moose antlers, loose wooden baskets, adorable snowman cushions, and beautifully woven blankets.

A Girl’s Best Friend
We love snapping photos of your most beloved pets. Before you know it, your playful little puppy or kitten is all grown up, and all you have left are your memories and, of course, your photographs! We simply can’t say no to a puppy photoshoot, especially when combined with a sweet family portrait. Is there anything cuter than when dogs and kids grow up together? If you’re planning to do a photoshoot with your four-legged family member, take a look at our Top 5 Tips for Bringing Your Beloved Pets on a Photo Shoot.

Kids and Toddlers
We love working with little children. You never know what’s going to happen when they stand—or sit or bounce or crawl—behind the camera. The one thing we can promise is that you’ll walk away with an album full of adorable pictures of your kids. Dress them up in their Sunday best or bring something fun and funky and adorable for them to wear. No matter what, your little one’s personality will be sure to shine through and put a smile on your face.

Frames of Me
We’re excited to talk about our recent family portrait series called “Frames of Me.” We’ve expanded on the idea of a photo booth to give you and your kids the opportunity to try out new and silly poses. The end result: a playful yet sweet collage of your little ones in wooden frames that express the many facets of their personalities. Schedule your photo shoot with Cindy June to learn how you and your family can get creative with your Frames of Me photo shoot.

Book Your Photo Shoot Today
Winter may be here for another two months, but in the meantime, we can show you plenty of ways to have a successful photo shoot indoors. To book an appointment at our studio, contact Cindy June Photography today. To stay connected and be the first to hear about upcoming events and wedding shows in the Chatham-Kent area, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.