With the holiday season in full effect, families are gathering to spend time together just before the new year begins. Food, company and meaningful customary traditions are all part of the realm of the holidays. At this time of year, many people celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Sadeh (a Persian mid-winter feast), Kwanzaa, Lohri (a Punjabi celebration), Lunar new year celebrations and a handful of Winter solstice celebrations across many cultures. In general, the holidays are a time that many families reunite after a long period of being away from one another. They also make an excellent opportunity to take family portraits. Here are a few reasons why.

It’s been a long time

If you haven’t had a family portrait in some time, this is an excellent opportunity to bring your family together before everyone returns back to their main place of residence. University and college students often return home over the holidays to partake in the festivities. You may also see family you don’t see often during this time period too. Make time over an afternoon to take a family portrait or two — how often will you get the chance to?

Capture changes

Family portraits are also an incredible way to document changes over time. This works in favour for families who have young babies and children especially. Taking an annual family photo (or one at least every couple of years) allows you to see the transition of their growth within the family. The holiday season also opens up ideas for themes that can result in some beautiful family photography!

Gifts and memorabilia

Capture the holiday spirit of your family and turn them into gifts and memorabilia. Framed family portraits can be presented to other members of the family who like to collect family-related memorabilia.They can also be turned into holiday cards that you can send out to family who may not be nearby.

It’s not too late to book a holiday photography session this winter season in the Leamington, London, Sarnia, Windsor and St. Thomas areas in Ontario. Send us a message to get the process started.