Mostly everything is digital these days – messages, photos, movies, and often holiday cards too.  But there is something comforting about seeing beautiful images from friends and family, perched half-folded on your mantelpiece or hung delicately with string across your window.  This holiday season, send a gorgeous snapshot of your family and loved ones to your friends as a physical reminder that they are in your thoughts this year, as you are in theirs.

A Moment in Time

Time marches on, and one of the most wonderful times of the year, when memories with family are made, is during the holidays.  By having photos taken during the holiday season, you will have your family preserved forever, as it is now, and a great source of nostalgia in the coming years.

Checking In

Our lives are all very busy, especially around this time of year, so a card is a great, thoughtful, and tangible way to touch base with friends and loved ones you may not have been able to see in a long while.  Having a photo on that card lets your distant friends see what your family looks like, and how you and they have grown since the last time you saw each other.  The holidays are a great time to connect and get reconnected and a photo card is the most thoughtful way to do so.

A Keepsake

In addition to sending cards to friends and family, a photo card is also a great thing to keep for your own personal collection of concrete memories.  Keep a card long after the holiday season as a photo for your desk or workspace, or even a photo to hang in your family home all real round.

Make a return to a warm and friendly tradition this year, and send out your family’s holiday card with a photo – smile together, pose together, make a funny face together, and share your holiday joy with your loved ones that will last for years to come.