Destination weddings are romantic, special, and fun for the entire guest list. Start your honeymoon right away by saying your “I dos” in a tropical resort or exotic country. Have you started thinking about your wedding photographer? Here are some dos and don’ts for hiring a destination wedding photographer that will capture your wedding’s beautiful moments.

DO Figure Out the Cost of Hiring Out-of-Town Photographers

Destination weddings come with their own specific expenses that you would never even think about at home. If you want to take a local photographer with you, consider how much it will cost for their room, board, and fees. Talk to the photographer of your choice in advance about your travel plans, as they may have special offers for destination weddings.

DON’T Expect Your Photographer to Pay for Their Travel Expenses

While it would be nice if the photographer covered some of their costs, assuming that they will is not a good idea. Every photographer has their own policy. They might ask for a small expense payment, while others will work the cost of travel into their final price. Just remember, your wedding photographer is your hired help, and while you probably shouldn’t feel obliged to pay for their off-hours entertainment, everyone should be completely aware of the expectations.

DO Ask the Resort About their Photographer Policies

Some resorts don’t allow outside photographers to take wedding photos on their property. This is either a blessing or a curse. If you have your heart set on a specific resort but their wedding photographer isn’t the greatest, then you might have to choose one or the other. However, if the resort’s photographer is outstanding, you’ll be saving money and energy by not having to hire outside help.

DON’T Settle for the Resort Photographer

Your wedding is your special day. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect. If the resort you love has a strict policy on hiring outside photographers, don’t give up. Find a way! If you’re uncomfortable with a little deception and discretion, consider a photoshoot off the resort. Here’s a little trick: resorts that prohibit outside photographers will generally accept photographers if they’re doing it for free. In other words, if you photographer just so happens to be your cousin and invited guest, you may just get away with it.

DO Make Your Expectations Clear from the Beginning

Before you settle for a destination wedding photographer, it’s important to establish whether they’re the right fit. Make sure before you sign on the dotted line that you know what you want and what the photographer should expect. There are many limitations and freedoms for a destination wedding photoshoot, so it’s important your photographer is always on the same page.

Don’t automatically expect your wedding photographer to document every detail of your trip. Their job is to capture the beautiful moments of your wedding and use the backdrop to tell the story. If you want them to also take pictures of the resort, make sure that’s understood beforehand.

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