A family photoshoot is a wonderful way of capturing unique family moments. Children grow up so fast, and before you know it, they’ll be moving into their first home. With a family photoshoot, you not only capture memories for yourself, but you also have a way of sharing them with family and friends.

In this digital age, we sometimes take for granted the sentimental value of a family photograph.  Having a professional family photoshoot gives you time to get together as a family and is a great way of sharing special moments with your loved ones.

Explaining the importance of a family photoshoot to your kids is difficult. Sometimes, they just don’t understand why it’s a big deal or clearly express that they would prefer to be doing something else. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best tips on how to prepare children for your family photoshoot so it’s sure to be a success.

Let Them Know in Advance

Letting your kids know about the photoshoot in advance helps them prepare for the big day. Ideally, you will tell your kids two to three days in advance. This allows you enough time to explain the photoshoot to them, while providing a time frame that reduces anticipation. At this time, you can also set the guidelines for your child’s behaviour. Setting these expectations is usually important if there are many siblings to prevent conflict from arising. If you have small children, a morning appointment is usually best. This way the photographer gets to capture them before they are yearning for their afternoon nap.

Bring Snacks

Being hungry kills the vibe no matter what age you are. Make sure the whole family has a filling meal before the photoshoot. To prevent hunger during the shoot, bring some healthy snacks. Although a good incentive, try to reduce to amount of candy and sugary snacks to prevent a mid-photoshoot crash. Also, be sure to bring some extra water bottles to keep everyone hydrated.

Choose Outfits in Advance

Choosing an outfit on a daily basis is already no easy feat—choosing one for a photoshoot can be even trickier. To make things easier, pick a colour theme that the whole family adheres to. If your kids are a little older, involve them in the process of choosing their own outfit. The best way to do this is by allowing them to choose from a range of options you’ve already selected. Avoid clashing outfits by sticking to solid colours rather than patterns.

Enjoy the Experience

Have fun during the experience of a photoshoot because your stress is captured in a photograph. Not all photos need to be serious, it’s okay to be goofy! The best photos are taken when your family is sharing a real, authentic moment. If you’re worried about your kids behaving well, consider providing them with an incentive. To maintain family bonding, you could go for a movie or meal after the shoot. This way, you’re still spending time together while giving everyone an end goal that’s near in sight.

Find the Right Photographer

A photographer can make or break your family photoshoot experience. A charismatic photographer helps everyone relax and enjoy their time while getting some spectacular shots. Finding a photographer that is experienced with kids is very important for a family photoshoot. Considering that an experienced photographer works with kids on a near daily basis, they will have some tactics to make sure the whole family looks their best.

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