If you’ve mustered up the courage to book a boudoir photo shoot, you might start feeling the jitters as the day approaches. Those jitters might turn into full-blown panic. Boudoir photography is, after all, a very intimate experience in which most of your body is exposed. It takes bravado. But if you don’t feel ready to face the camera, your fear will show on your face, which might undermine the seductive look you were hoping to achieve. If you don’t feel like you’ll be able to relax on your boudoir shoot, here are a few tricks to get you in the mood.

Treat Yourself to Some Brand New Lingerie

Nothing feels sexier than stepping into a brand new pair of matching bra and panties. Although skimpy at best, your lingerie can feel like a suit of armour that makes you feel brave, daring, and totally sexy. Choose the colour, size, shape, and style you feel the most comfortable in. If the matching set costs a little more than you’d ever imagine spending on underwear, consider it a gift to yourself because you’re worth it.

Get a Professional Wax

You may not have a bumpy stubble, but even if feel like you do, you won’t feel comfortable enough to get a decent shot. Getting a bikini and leg wax a day or two before the big shoot is an easy way to feel more open and confident during the shoot and less shy about those areas that don’t usually see the light of day. Plus it’ll make your skin feel silky smooth, which is just the sensual sort of feeling you want.

Get a Mani-Pedi and Blow Out

Posing in front a camera in your underwear will make you feel totally on display. That’s why you might feel more comfortable giving your nails and hair a little pampering. Why not dress up what you can? Getting your finger and toenails painted and shaped will automatically make you feel prettier while getting your hair done at a salon will help you achieve the sexy look you’re hoping for. And while you’re at it, why not get your makeup done too?

Go for a Tipple

Okay ladies, here’s the deal: I’m not condoning drinking. But it’s no secret that a little liquid courage goes a long way in helping anyone feel comfortable in awkward situations. But here’s one giant caveat. Drinking too much alcohol before a shoot will actually have the opposite effect on the finished product. You may think you’re pulling off the sexiest look in the world, but chances are, your eyes are halfway closed and your mouth is set in a crooked smile. If you really do feel the need to drink before your shoot, limit yourself to one drink beforehand so that you are just feeling loose enough to try something new.

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