Boudoir photography sessions are an incredible way to mark a milestone or a transition in your life. Feeling confident, strong and sexy in your skin is something we should all celebrate in one way or another. Why not immortalize your sensuality through a gorgeous series of photos?

Boudoir photography consists of:

  • Back-lit dramatic or soft lighting
  • Dreamy and sensual portraits in the bedroom, outdoors or in studio
  • The subject is typically wearing lingerie, garters, tights, undergarments
  • Studio shots that can include minimal props like vanity mirrors, chairs, mats

What Inspires a Boudoir Session?

Many people decide to have a boudoir session ranging from personal reasons to playfulness. Some people like to mark the loss of significant weight, overcoming a serious health condition, or successfully conquering a traumatic situation. It’s a way to mark a time where you’re coming back to yourself – and having a boudoir session can really add to this sense of confidence and renewal.

Some people also decide to take a series of boudoir photos because it is an empowering experience.  They make fun birthday or anniversary gifts or they can act as a token for milestones such as engagements.

Offering a captured moment in time like a series of photos can be a great way to show someone how you feel about yourself and how you feel about them. Celebrating sensuality is a beautiful thing – and having a session can even perhaps be a gesture to help to rekindle a flame that could be waning.

No matter the reason, a boudoir session with me will prove to be an enlightening experience that you can keep tucked away in your memories, your secret drawer, or one that you can share with your closest.

Take a look at my portfolio to see my boudoir photography and contact me today!