Now that temperatures are on the rise, it’s the perfect time to set up an outdoor photoshoot. Professional outdoors photoshoots have many advantages: natural light tends to be more flattering than studio lighting, and outdoor landscapes make beautiful backgrounds to capture lifelong memories. If you’re getting ready for a professional outdoor photoshoot, here are a few things to remember to bring with you on the day of the shoot.

Water Bottle

A sunny afternoon may provide the perfect backdrop for your upcoming outdoor photoshoot, but those sweltering summer conditions can get uncomfortable. Photoshoots can take some time, so it’s important to stay hydrated while you wait. Have a bottle of water on-hand to keep your thirst quenched in between shots.

Hat and Sunglasses

Even if you don’t wear them during the photoshoot, bring along a pair of sunglasses and a hat to wear during your downtime. Especially if there’s clear skies on the day of the shoot or your shoot is scheduled during the afternoon, it’s important to protect yourself against the heat of the sun. Wear long, loose clothing made out of light, breathable materials to prevent sunburn without overheating.

Makeup, Sunscreen, and Face Wipes

Sweating is a natural response to the heat that allows our bodies to stay cool despite high temperatures. Unfortunately, that natural response doesn’t always look so good on camera! That’s why it’s a good idea to carry a face wipe or washcloth to wipe the sweat off your brow before you get in front of the camera. If you wear makeup, make sure to bring some with you as makeup can smudge due to excess sweat. Apply some sunscreen before your photoshoot to protect yourself against sunburn.

By keeping yourself cool and comfortable, you can ensure that you have the best time possible during your outdoor photoshoot. At Cindy June Photography, I work with each client to find the perfect location for your outdoor photoshoot and help you get prepared to get in front of the camera. For more information about my professional photography services, including wedding, engagement and newborn photography, contact me today at Cindy June Photography.