Photography is often thought of as a hobby of wealthy artists, or something that families engage in on special occasions. However, the reality is that it is much more popular than people give it credit for. Even with the advances of personal camera technology, photography and photo studios are growing around the country. More and more people are either taking it up as a hobby, or are going to professionals to have great photos taken. This is partly because of technology – more and more people want great photos of themselves on the internet – and also due to increased awareness. Here are some statistics to prove that photography is exploding on the Canadian market.

The industry right now is worth approximately $524 million dollars!

According to market research, the total value of this great is industry is over 500 million dollars! The rise in technology has increased competition, but also increased profit margins, and lowered operating costs. This has allowed talented photo takers more opportunities to go out on their own, and chase their passions and dreams. It also shows that people are willing to pay top dollar for great images.

Over 15,000 people are employed in this sector

Increasing demand for professional photography services has led to incredible growth in the market. More than 6,000 independent businesses employ over 15,000 people. This includes freelancers, studios and dealers. What many think of as just a small niche for starving artists is in fact a modern industry with a huge employment base. The general public has realized that photos are important, and they are clamouring for more.

The industry has grown in recent years and continues to do so

The average annual growth for the last 5 years has been 1.6% each year. This is mostly driven by increases in technology, and also large increases in demand due to the internet. More and more people want great photos taken of themselves and their families for personal and professional reasons. Not only that but the trend is expected to persist for many years, and even continue growing. Photography is here to stay!

So even though many people think that private photographers like myself are just a small niche, in fact the industry is huge. More and more people have realized that this takes real skill, and it is growing. If you need professional photos taken, then make sure you go to someone with a great reputation. Contact me for all your professional photography needs!