In newborn photography, you have to take many bad shots before you get a good shot. It’s commonly assumed that babies make perfect subjects. After all, Anne Geddes and others like her make baby photography look so easy. But trust us it isn’t. From unexpected accidents to surprise crying fits, babies are not easy. If you’re planning a maternity shoot with a professional photographer, here are some tips to prepare your little lamb for the glam.

No Reason to Cry

No one is expecting you to work miracles. Babies cry all the time for reasons that not even the smartest scientists in the world can figure out. But as long as your baby is fed, dry, and rested, you will have a slimmer chance of experiencing a raging fit. Thirty minutes before the start of the photoshoot, ensure that baby has had enough milk or formula and that their diapers are dry. Encourage your baby to relax by speaking in soothing tones, turning off any music, and sending your other children outside or to a friend’s house.

Comfort First

The best part of a baby photoshoot is the props. No other time in your child’s life will you be able to get away with dressing them to your heart’s content. When choosing the outfit and props, it’s important to remember that your baby’s comfort is the main priority. We don’t have to tell you that your child isn’t a toy. If they don’t like the feel of something on them, they’ll let you know. If you plan to show off the baby’s naked plumpness, keep them warm by turning the heat up a few degrees.

Sleeping Schedule

You will never hear us recommending baby cough syrup or other children’s medication to help them fall asleep. It’s just not a good idea. However, we don’t think it’ll be too difficult to catch your baby in the act of a blissful snooze if they’ve just been fed and cuddled. Don’t force anything. Be patient and it’ll happen.

The Crappy Side of Photography

It’s no secret that babies poop. And pee. A lot. If your baby hasn’t filled their diaper before your photography session, don’t panic. We fully expect this type of photoshoot to last a couple of hours, so we definitely don’t want you rushing their bathroom break. When it’s time for the diaper or nappy to come off and they haven’t yet gone to the bathroom, you will have to accept that the inevitable might happen. Waiting too long will leave diaper marks on their skin that you don’t want showing up on the photo. Be sure to take baby’s diaper off 20–30 minutes before photoshoot time, and have your wet wipes and towels ready.

Are You Ready for Your Baby Shoot?

No two baby photoshoots are the same because no two babies are the same. If you’re expecting a flawless photoshoot from your baby, you might need to lower your expectations and be patient. Although baby photos take a couple of tries to get right, you’ll be left with lasting memories of your precious child. Contact Cindy June Photography today to book your baby shoot.