Trashing the dress has been a photography trend for about a decade, but it has never been a mainstream wedding tradition…for obvious reasons. All brides have a special spot in their hearts for their wedding dress. It doesn’t matter how much it costs considering the few hours you actually spend wearing it—it will forever be immortalized as your Wedding Dress. The “trash the dress” movement undermines everything brides-to-be were taught to believe about the magical powers of their perfectly clean, perfectly intact, perfectly white dresses. But while your wedding photographer would (or should) never tell you to destroy the emblem of your wedding day, here are a few reasons your photographer is secretly hoping you want to:

Your Dress is Going to Get Dirty Anyway

If you decide to wear your dress at the reception, there is a high probability that a few unfortunate spills are going to occur. Grass stains and dust will circle your low hemline, and sweat, wine, and food will likely make their way onto your skirts. If this sounds like a nightmare to you, then you’re probably going to spend all your time hovering over your dress instead of having fun. Brides who have accepted the fact that their dresses might not end up perfectly white at the end of the night are more likely to be comfortable in their photoshoots. A comfortable bride will likely give the photographer more wiggle room to be creative. And if your dress is already dirty, why not do something artistic about it?

Your Photos Will Look Like No One Else’s

A “trash the dress” photoshoot is a unique opportunity. By not worrying about what happens to your dress, you and your photographer have the freedom to shoot wherever you want. Imagine lying down on a beautiful sunlit beach while gentle waves calmly wash over you? Or picture strapping on a pair of rainboots and sliding into the biggest mud pile you can find, a wide, childlike smile of sinful freedom on your face. You won’t find photos like these in your friends’ photo albums. When your wedding photographer is given artistic licence, it allows them to stretch their creative muscles and produce award-worthy photographs.

Something to Keep in Mind for Later

Newlyweds often schedule a “trash the dress” session well after their wedding day. Why? Leading up to the day of the wedding, there are more important things to worry about. At this point, you are probably telling yourself that you would never in a million years “trash” something that you spent thousands of dollars on—but once the wedding is over and the thank-you cards are all sent, there’s a chance you might feel differently about your gown. Ask someone who has done it before and they’ll likely tell you that there is an immense sense of freedom in “letting go”. After all, the most important thing to come out of your wedding is your marriage—not your dress. Trashing the dress is a ceremony unto itself; of saying good-bye to the wedding daze and hello to the rest of your life with your spouse; of embracing a future with your partner.

Learn More About Trash the Dress

Wedding photographers love capturing moments of unadulterated joy. We don’t want anything to interrupt or darken your special day. We will do everything we can to photograph the essence of your wedding day in a way that is true and beautiful. If you’re curious about a “trash the dress” photoshoot, I’d love to sit down with you to discuss how you and your wedding dress can go out with a real bang. Contact me at Cindy June Photography for more details.